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A-list love guru and Lovescript™ Brand Founder, Lauren Frances, has spent her career transforming the love lives of millions of women around the globe through her uplifting and inspirational writing, seminars, and podcast programs on the art of becoming your most confident and radiant self.

She’s been affectionately called “The Flirt Fairy” on BRAVO, “The Doctor of Love” by EXTRA, and her Love Magnet Makeovers have been featured on numerous shows like, The DoctorsThe Real Housewives and The Real, and in publications like ELLE, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and SELF Magazine, to name a few. Lauren’s inimitable wisdom on the art of loving and being loved is sought out by celebrities and powerhouse media and business elites and “everyday” women.

An inspirational content creator, her podcast programs have generated over 1M downloads, and her transformational seminars and events have 100k+ graduates, drawing attendees from around the globe.


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Lauren Frances is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, media personality, author, and seminar leader. She's also the discreet "go-to" love coach for Hollywood's A-list celebrities, and love coaching practice spans the globe.

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Lauren Frances, Premiere relationships expert, bestselling international author, and creator of the 'Magnet Makeovers'.

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"She’s the Manwhisperer!"

"She’s the Flirt Fairy!"
- Victoria’s Secret

"She’s the Doctor of Love, grilling Hollywood one hunk at a time."
- Extra TV

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"As one of her Romantic Researchers, I can tell you that Lauren’s Manhandling techniques are spot on! She truly has her finger on the pulse of male/female relationships."

– Kate Walsh, actress

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