The Diva Tour to Italy with Lauren Frances 

Get ready for a divine romantic tour, that will delight your senses and inspire your “inner femme” (aka. Diva) to come out and play! 

We’ll be immersing ourselves in the seductive and sensual experience of being together as women. We’ll be shopping, dining, drinking, dancing, dressing, and yes – even Tindering – along the way!

We’ll learn the amazing backstory of our favorite Courtesans and Casanovas, and even wearing Venetian ballgowns in Venice!

We’ll also be hitting the best discount couture shopping outlets, (Prada! Balenciaga! Ferragamo!) and seeing breathtaking masterpieces, enjoying fabulous hotspots, and treating ourselves to mouthwatering restaurants, “must not miss” epic events and relaxing in thermal spas.

And of course, I’ll be sharing my world-class styling tips, along with my “love lessons” along the way. 

If you love truffles, strolling through Medieval Gardens and are yearning to immerse yourself in the music, the masterpieces, and the fashion and sheer beauty of Italy, join us!

And if you are wanting to look like an irresistible Italian Movie Star, The Diva Tour offers a truly unique and special opportunity, as Lauren will be helping you not only shop but styling you for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic photo shoot in Venice Italy! Her Magnet Makeovers have been featured on numerous TV Shows, and have launched hundreds of love lives, and having her expertise about what to wear, and how to express your beauty to its fullest, will ensure that this trip is more than a mere vacation, but a true transformation!

It’s going to be a total whirlwind, romantic romp. 

So if you want to look and FEEL like an Italian movie star, and love to gaze at works of art, (who will also delight in gazing right back at YOU!), then you’ll love what we’ve got in store!

And if that wasn’t amazing enough, it’ll also be truffle season!

9 Romantic Days & 8 Delicious Nights!


We’re beginning our whirlwind tour in Milan, and continuing on to Venice, Florence, and wrapping up our tour in a gorgeous spa in Tuscany. Here’s a sneak preview …


Day 1 – Arrival in Milano!

On arrival into Malpensa airport, our English-speaking driver will whisk you away to our hotel in central Milan. For those of you who arrive early, you can rest, grab lunch and then meet us in the late afternoon for wine before we get whisked off for a delicious dinner!

Day 2 – Discovering Milano – Diva’s, Dressing Rooms & Disco!

Milan is Italy’s fashion center. The city also hosts some of Italy’s most impressive architecture and prestigious museums, as well as important historic sites. Our private English-speaking guide will pick us up at our hotel for a beautiful walking tour, and we’ll see the awe-inspiring Duomo, which is one of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in the world, and head to the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, an immense, covered arcade with restaurants and shops. It is also one of Europe’s few great surviving Victorian-era architectural extravaganzas. The legendary La Scala opera house was recently renovated to conserve the original 18th-century style and charm. Our private half-walking tour will give us an overview of Milan's history, its modern fashion trends, and the music of the Italian lyrical composer Giuseppe Verdi. After so much beauty, we’ll need to dine! The Milanese Aperitivo, a refined characteristic found only in Milanese gourmet culture, with edible delights for the food and “bella vita” connoisseur. In the evening, we’ll have a special dinner at a beautiful restaurant for 3 course meal with vino and coffee! And you’ll need it, because after dinner, our chauffeurs will take us to Milan's top nightclub “Just Cavalli” where our private table will be waiting for us, along with three bottles of champagne! This sexy hotspot is also the perfect place to learn my AMAZINGLY FUN and easy-to-do flirt tips, and to put them into practice!

Day 3 – MILAN – Shopping and Dining.

Today, our private shopping guide will take us to the elegant, fashion-focused neighborhood of Via della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone, world-famous for their designer boutiques. You will have time to try the best dresses in the country in Italy’s fashion quarters. The Quadrilatero. This area contains the most prestigious boutiques and showrooms. Dazzling jewels from Cartier, clothes and accessories by Gucci, Versace, and Louis Vuitton are just a few of the shops that line the streets of this famed area.The Corso Buenos Aires. This area is Europe’s longest shopping street and is comparable to London’s Oxford Street or Paris’s avenue des Champs-Élysées. With over 350 international ready-to-wear brands, the 1km-long street offers one of the highest concentrations of clothing stores in Europe and is a great place to pick up some bargains. You’ll also have the opportunity to book tours of your choice, as there are concerts of Verdi in 16th-century costumes, art museums galore, and that evening, we’ll have a fabulous dinner and another fun girls' night out on the town!    

We’ll create our own traditional Venetian Carnival mask


Day 4 – Venice!

VENICE!! This ancient floating city is charming beyond words, and full of history, unique secrets, edible delights, music, and beauty. Veronica Franco, the famed Venetian Courtesan, Casanova, and musicians, painters, and more lived and loved here, and we’ll learn its romantic and cultural secrets and history. We’ll also be dressing in carnival costumes, mask making, and doing an epic photo shoot (in gondolas!) In Venice, our private water taxi will take us to our hotel, where we’ll unwind with prosecco, and enjoy the Venetian sunset in Laguna, before heading out to dinner…

Day 5 – A Casanova and Courtesan Tour of Venice!

The seductive itinerary of Casanova, to discover the places of the seducer that has been spoken and written in literature and in countless interpretations and representations. A journey through the places of Venice through the paths described by him in his memories, the memories of his gallant adventures. Veronica Franco, savior of Venice, a woman of letters, and courtesan to Kings! And Casanova, Conversationalist, libertine, globetrotter, seducer, a man of letters, alchemist, military, historian,  and spy. This tour will reveal these characters who were the stars of their eras and inspired romance, dominated society, and is erotica. In the afternoon we’ll create our own traditional Venetian Carnival mask, (you’ll need this for the following day), choosing among a variety of techniques and materials that have been used for centuries for the yearly Carnival of Venice, and that will lead us into a special evening of revelry! That evening, we’ll dine in Laguna, and enjoy a divine three-course dinner with paired wine and a master of ceremony that will give us a truly unique experience in and beautiful affresco’s Palace in the heart of Venice.

Day 6 – VENICE The Courtesan Tour! Photo’s and Costumes, oh my!

We are going to take epic photos in Venice … both in modern dress and in carnival ballgowns, before we transform into glamorous modern-day Cortigiana’s for an evening of sheer fun!

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Day 7 – Florence, Gucci, and Ferragamo!

In the morning, we’ll be taking a high-speed train to Florence from Milan. Florence is chock full of beauty, and historical treasures, and if you love artwork, shopping & stilettos along with gorgeous palaces, our time in Florence is going to be a dream come true!

After lunch, we’ll be meeting our guide for a walking tour of Florence and visiting the famous Sant Maria Novella, one of the oldest pharmacies and perfumeries in Italy. Love is always in the air in Florence, from the stairs of Piazzale Michelangelo we’ll see Florence spread out below, embraced by the light and surrounding hills. It has to be one of the most romantic views in Florence! A very special (if platonic) love affair, was the one between the Italian poet Dante Alighieri and Beatrice, the woman he fell in love with when he was a child. His passion for her inspired him to write the “Divine Comedy” and even if they never exchanged a kiss, (terrible!) his heart was hers forever. We’ll go to the tiny church of Santa Margherita dei Cerchi there’s a plaque dedicated to the memory of Beatrice, and we, like many lovers will bring a flower and make a wish! The Garden at Villa Bardini for a bit of old-world charm and amazing views, and the Boboli Garden, this beautiful green area is set on the side of the hill in the Oltrarno. As you walk up, through ancient stairs and stone statues, flowery pergolas, and green walkways, we’ll see the city opening up in front of our eyes. Quiet, atmospheric, and enticing, a must for every romantic soul. Many of you will want to do different art tours depending on what you wish to see!

Day 8 – The Aphrodisiacs of Florence – Art, Perfume, and Stilettoes!

In the afternoon, we’ll meet our guide, who’ll be taking us to the Gucci Museum for lunch, and give us some insider tips about shopping in Florence. Visiting the Ferragamo, Pucci, and Gucci Museums, (shoes!) along with amazing art tours will truly delight you. And if you haven’t gazed at David’s gorgeous buttocks before, you’ve gotta see what all of the fuss is about. They’re worth it! Not to mention seeing the Palaces, or stopping by the Da Vinci Museum to see Leonardo’s inventions in real life!

And in the evening, we’ll be dining at Il Latini. If you’ve been to Dan Tana’s in LA or Brasserie Lipp in Paris, you’ll understand why it’s one of my favorite restaurants in the world!

Day 9 – Diva Shopping Outlets – Outside Florence

Today, we’re going on a V.I.P. shopping trip to one of the most amazing discount outlets in the world, The Outlet of Italy just outside of Florence. From Prada to boutique Italian brands, they have the most beautiful clothing, shoes, and accessories at amazing prices.

Confession: This was my secret inspiration for creating our Diva Tour! I cannot wait to help you pick out the most fabulous outfits, at a Diva discount!

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Day 10 – Under the Tuscan Sun (& the Spa!)

And after all of our epic frolicking, we’ll be ready to totally relax and unwind in the stunningly beautiful Tuscan countryside! We’ll be staying in a nineteenth-century villa, Grotta Giusti Spa which has been restored to its original splendor, – with meticulous care. It is elegantly furnished, decorated with frescoes, surrounded by an age-old park, and has a divine thermal spa: a unique and wonderful grotto, and its thermal springs come from a deep, warm underground lake and spectacular chambers, where the temperature is set as if it were a living and breathing organism. The villa above the grotto is now a place where you can experience a kind of new harmony and totally relax and reconnect with nature. We’ll enjoy beauty services, massages, and pampering galore along with a delicious DIVA dinner! And many of us are staying for an extra day and evening, too!

Day 11 – Diva’s Forever!

After breakfast, your driver will take you to the Florence Airport or train, depending on your travel plans! You also have the option to add one extra day and night to the tour for an upcharge.  

Tour Investment...

This is a white-glove tour, and you will be treated like the Diva that you are! Registration includes your preferred room category, all travel during the tour and luggage transport, airport pick up and drop off, most meals, the experiences listed in our final itinerary, (your preferences will be factored into our group's program) and our special event costs, along with photo’s and styling tips.

It excludes your airfare, and of course …shopping!