What Kind Of Lovebird Wound Up In Your Nest?

She’s a best friend like Carrie, possesses the street smarts of Samantha when exposing uncomfortable truths, is a total professional like Miranda, and is almost as romantic as Charlotte! She embodies the soul of all four characters and puts the Sex back in the City.

The Turtle Dove

Appearance: He’s a gentleman with the charm of the big boy, loves sporty fashion like jeans from Tommy Hilfiger and polo shirts von Gant, that are always ironed to perfection.

Environment: He likes to stay in cuddle zones – or in rooms with large crowds, possibly close to the dance floor.

Song: Doesn’t promote himself through monologues, but accompanies his partner’s narratives with signals of active listening, like a nod and an occasional “Hmhm”.

Mating Ritual: He concentrates on a woman that interests him from the start of the evening, and then doesn’t let her out of his sight again. He’s an “instinctive toucher”, who creates closeness by touching others frequently. No sooner does she finish her last sip of champagne, as he signals the waiter for a refill.

His shtick: He gives a woman the feeling that she’s the center of his universe.

The Owl

Appearance: He is a grandchild of Jean-Paul Sartre’s style, love uncomplicated classical basics, preferably in the existentialist color black. In the winder he combines this with a cashmere scarf, which he wraps around his neck several times.

Environment: The semi-dark of a booth. In front of him: a glass of red wine. Around him: some guests that resemble his type. Avoids smalltalk. But relates very clearly, why Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” is a piece of world literature.

Mating Ritual: Has little interest in the slim dress and jewelry of his conversational partner – but is fascinated by her brilliant thoughts. At least once during the evening will he mention his favorite sentence: “Education is the sex-appeal of the third millennium.” A woman awakens his interest by asking him qualified questions. A sure signal that he’s in love: when he invites her home to watch his DVD of Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall”.

The Cockatoo

Appearance: Brand-aware. Stylish. Always a little over the top. Uses every party as an occasion for self-performance, smartly combines black and grey pants with neon-color shirts.

Environment: The dance floor. Where he moves well and with surety. Later: The bar. There he’ll receive compliments on his dance style and talks shop with the mixer about the exact preparation of a “Veneto  Spritz”.

Song: Not very subtle and a bit monotone: The cockatoo loves to tell of his heroisms. Because he does so with his male timbre, it’s easy to be lulled.

Mating Ritual: An interested glance plus a few congratulatory remarks about his suit, and he’ll treat you like a goddess. But caution: As soon as you leave him out of your sight, apply his charm to another.

The Budgerigar

Appearance: Casual in jeans, T-shirt and Sweater. But the outfit is tight enough to see his sculpted stomach muscles.

Style idol: The effortless look of Jake Gyllenhaal. Puts much value on a casual, not too short haircut, to which he lends a stylish finish with wax and gel.

Environment: Always where his buddies are. The budgerigar moves in a crowd, flitters from the kitchen to the living room, from the bar to the garden.

Song: Seeks to impress women with rhetoric. Sometimes the suspicion arises that he steals his points from Oliver Pocher.

Mating Ritual: Heard that you get popular with women by paying them compliments. Sometimes lays it on a bit too thick, but sincerely means all the niceties. The biggest challenge for female party guests: To distract his buddies, to finally go and admire the Japanese Koi in the host’s garden pond.

The Eagle

Appearance: Wears perfectly cut suits from Kiton or Zegna.

His Tick: Expensive watches like the “Luminor Marina” von Panerai.

Environment: Keeps his distance from groups, scopes the party terrain from an observer’s perspective. Uses smoke breaks on the roof terrace to take advantage of the half-dark, and get a closer look at the female guests inside the lighted room.

Song: Speaks sotto voce, initiates a factual discussion (i.e. about the benefits of index funds), which he later lets drift into a flirtation.

Mating Ritual: This bird of prey loves the hunt. The woman that wants to get closer lets him take the initiative. But she may encourage him – with short, but deep glances.


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