Lauren Frances Love

The Heartache Prevention Question Complimentary Podcast

The “Heartache Prevention Question” Podcast Program and “Heartache Prevention Question” Training Video will show you how to read BETWEEN THE LINES, and get techniques that work exactly like Verbal Truth Serum. It’ll make your date WANT to quickly reveal his romantic agenda to you over a dirty martini! And he’ll enjoy doing it, too. Now, what single gal doesn’t need that info under her garter belt?

As a love coach to women around the globe, I can promise you that failing to see these red flags on first and second dates is the single biggest mistake that you can make.

Luckily, all of this can be easily remedied once you know about my “manhandling secrets” that will show you how to spot HIS problems before they become YOUR problems. Or, as we refer to it here at the Institute of Romantic Research, it’s all about: “Dating Like an International Spy.”

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