About the Podcasts

Each podcast is approximately 90 minutes long and is in an easy-to-follow lecture format. The podcasts are often accompanied by written homework assignments.

Because they’re pre-recorded, you’ll be able to work at your own pace, so you can zip through the material as quickly as you choose to, (and start flirting faster!) My Legendary Love students were able to participate in a live Q & A on every call, and will ask some questions that you might have too.

Special Support: Once you complete the course, you can email your homework into our office for more support. We want to make sure that you understand the material and get all of the ‘Romantic Tech Support’ that you need to succeed at restarting your love life!

Her online courses are pure gold. Having completed one, my sense of self and self-confidence has shot up. Last year, I heard Lauren Frances talk in an online seminar and she blew my mind with her clarity of vision and grounded, seriously helpful advice. And Lauren Frances, I am glad to report, is the real deal. She is passionate about what she does, she loves her clients and she truly wants them to find happiness.

– The Irish Independent

What You’ll Get...

  • Six 90-minute mp3 recordings that are easily downloadable to your iPod or computer!
  • Legendary Love homework, so you can start filling in the blanks to finding Mr. Right, all while you’re listening to the session!
  • Excerpts from my book Dating, Mating and Manhandling—The Ornithological Guide to Men.
  • Two free bonus podcasts!

SPECIAL BONUSES: The program is accompanied by related written materials, and bonus podcasts. Each Podcast offers deeply specialized processes and tools that I use in my private practice and will be THEME based and target a new love-coaching topic so that you keep growing, learning, and expanding at the same quick rate that my private clients do.

I’m committed to giving you the support you’ll need to get to the altar (and beyond)!

Here’s to getting into action, keeping the MOMENTUM going, staying accountable, and creating a love that is the stuff out of LEGENDS. Jump in and GET ON

(Pssst…Cupid is listening!)