Unhex Your Heart Podcast Program

Do you feel like there’s a little dark cloud over your love life? Are you afraid that it’s too late for love? That you somehow ‘missed the boat’, ruined your chances - or perhaps even more upsetting - that it’s never been your turn?

Then you're definitely not alone. Literally MILLIONS of women feel the exact same way. Unfortunately, if you don’t know how to make peace with your past, you’ll often just REPEAT it, lose the ‘gift’ of the present and squander your romantic future. If finding true love is your Achilles heel, ( even when you’re wearing favorite Jimmy Choo’s) then please read this…

I’ve created an amazing program that’ll totally ghost-bust your love life. It will show you how to get into a healthier mindset about how to move forward and really make room for new love to come rushing in.

Gal Fact: Millions of women shut down and retract from dating, especially after being hurt or rejected in a particularly painful way.

It can keep you out of the dating field for years. When women get hurt, it makes them want to stop playing. It can keep you off the market – and out of the dating field – for YEARS.

Women often justify their ‘sleeping beauty’ behavior to themselves, by thinking “I’ll get back out there – someday.” (Right after they climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, buy an ocean-side vacation home, or discover a really good-tasting no-cal Yogurt.) Ping Me!

You might even develop unconscious and defensive patterns of relating to men that actually PUSH MEN AWAY instead of pulling them in. Or find yourself SETTLING for a string of Mr. Right Now’s because you’re living in a state of LOWERED EXPECTATIONS. If something traumatic happened in your romantic past, or you got seriously disappointed in love, it can often derail your ability to FIND and KEEP love.

So, I created a program to help women open back up to love called UNHEX YOUR HEART, and it really blew my graduates away…

As one of her Romantic Researchers, I can tell you that Lauren’s Manhandling techniques are spot on! She truly has her finger on the pulse of male/female relationships.

– Kate Walsh, actress

Wow, that was amazing! Thanks so much for being in the world and sharing this with us. I’ve had lots of therapy of different kinds, but nothing really boiled it down like this and put it so clearly! I’m looking forward to more…

– Karen Clark

Once you understand what's been blocking your door to love, and HOW it’s been short-circuiting your love life, you can literally TRANSFORM it. As a love coach and couples counselor, it’s amazing how QUICKLY women do fulfill their hearts desires with the right information and a little motivation. Join me for an amazing program that’ll totally ghost-bust your love life, get you into a healthy mindset, and make room for Prince Charming to come rushing in. And here’s how…

Re-framing your Romantic Outlook

We’ll start by defining your resistance to love. These energetic ‘blocks’ show up as recurring relationship themes and negative patterns.

“Can you believe he cheated on me… again?” Or, “I can’t believe I’m dating another (fill in the blank): ______.

Or sometimes they’re caused by one big trauma that’s dominating your entire romantic outlook. Whatever the cause, your experience can be transformed into a heart-healing ‘formula’ that holds a UNIQUE key to your future happiness.

What’s in this program, and the kind of tools you’ll receive:

  • 6 pre-recorded classes and one bonus class.
  • A downloadable podcast of each class, so you’ll never miss one!
  • Each podcast is yours to keep forever, and easy to upload to your iPod or computer.
  • Each call is approximately 90 minutes long.
  • Excerpts from Lauren’s book Dating, Mating and Manhandling: The Ornithological Guide to Men.

This Program will get your feet moving in the right direction: Off of the couch, out of the past, and straight up the altar! During this program, you’ll discover how to RELEASE and COMPLETE the painful parts of your past that are getting in your way.

These ‘energetic blocks’ are caused by negative behavioral patterns that leave you feeling dis-empowered, or stem from big unresolved feelings from an important relationship.

The Good News: These problems often contain very valuable KEYS to your future happiness. In fact, they contain the seeds of your ‘heart-healing” and once understood, actually UNLOCK your ability to love and be loved, in a new and more powerful way. And then, something amazing thing happens.

A ‘heart-healing’ occurs once women get an ‘emotional perspective’. And instead of repeating the exact same ‘story’ over and over again, a 180-degree shift in behavior, experience, and attitude starts occurring, all by itself. The kind of change that causes amazing Romantic Results, just like this...

Lauren has turned complete chaos into a ring on my finger. The precision with which she gets right away what’s going on is more than incredible. And the great thing is that she knows what to do about it. And what she says works. It is extremely reassuring and wonderful to learn about love from Lauren.

– Eva W.

Lauren – I am at your feet! This is from my baby, my love, my future husband… “To My Queen, Ever felt a smile across your face when that special someone breezes by you? You start missing her like you haven’t seen her in ages when actually you just said goodbye… You can’t stop smiling when she is around. You are happy and joyful. I just want to say that I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with. You are simply the best. I love and adore you. I can’t wait to marry you. I will love you all of the days of your life. Love, King Ralph!”

– Janice Goldman Picker

I’ve helped hundreds of women create blissful and secure romantic relationships and marriages. The tools I’ve taught them actually INSPIRE men to be the best partners they’re capable of being, and enable women to live out their deepest romantic desires.

And these tools WORK.

And although you’ve probably read countless self-help books, gone to psychics, hot stone massage therapists, and taken relationship courses up the wazoo, you might still find yourself with some very disappointing results. Nada. Zip. No one (or just another wrong someone!)

If this is sounding familiar you are definitely not alone. When women get repeatedly disappointed by love, it makes them want to stop playing.

The Good News: You can change this dynamic!

During the program, you’ll learn:

  • How to stage a relationship funeral for an unhealthy or painful breakup, and finally feel complete.
  • How to get ready for love, and prepare yourself properly to receive the gift of a healthy partnership.
  • How to discuss painful parts of your past with new suitors to inspire their love, and not SHAME.
  • How to ensure you don’t recreate negative patterns in your new relationships.
  • How to RESURRECT a romance and give it another try.
  • How to tell when it’s really time to LET GO.
  • How to MOVE ON and not look back with regret.
  • How to FORGIVE yourself for relationship mistakes.
  • How to get out of a dysfunctional relationship, and create a LOVING romance.
  • Get ready to really fall in love, make your current relationship more fulfilling, or BRING BACK a lost love, and get the tools you’ll need in this game-changing podcast program.

You just need to know-how. And that’s where my new podcast program, UNHEX YOUR HEART, comes in

You’ll Learn...

  • How to ‘ghost bust’ your love life.
  • What’s SHORT CIRCUITING your love life, (and how to correct it!)
  • How to get the ‘gift’ of a painful past, (and how it holds the key to creating an amazing love relationship.)
  • Seeing and DISSOLVING the blocks preventing you from feeling worthy of love.
  • Spotting obsessive and negative dating behaviors, and how to stop them.
  • How a painful past gives you an amazing opportunity ( and a special KEY that creates deeply inspired love.)
  • What’s really SHORT CIRCUITING your ability to manifesting love, and how to correct it.
  • How to resolve painful relationships from your past (preventing you from moving forward in love.)
  • How to complete relationships with people who aren’t ‘in the room’ so you can FINALLY get “romantic resolution.”


  • If you’ve STOPPED dating altogether ( and are waiting for the ‘right time to get back out there’.)
  • If you are with someone who is probably NOT THE ONE, but are afraid to leave him.
  • If you keep choosing the wrong men, and scaring off Mr. Right.
  • If you’re single, and don’t want to be, but can’t figure out this part of your life…
  • If you’re in a relationship that’s heading in the wrong direction and can’t get it back on track.
  • If you have a partner who isn’t committing fully to the relationship, and you love him
  • If you feel secretly insecure and dis-empowered around men.
  • If you feel too damaged or unlovable to find true love.
  • If you keep making the same mistakes OVER and over again, ( and are sick of getting the same unromantic results.)

If you answered YES to 4 of the above statements, then it’s time to Unhex Your Heart!

You’ll learn what YOU need from your romantic relationships, and how to motivate your partner to fulfill you on a much deeper level. Deeper than you ever thought imaginable.

Why? Because it’s your turn.

Lauren Frances Love

Unhex Your Heart Podcast Program

Do you feel like there’s a little dark cloud over your love life? Are you afraid that it’s too late for love? That you somehow ‘missed the boat’, ruined your chances, or never got your turn?

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